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August 27, 2015

 Dear Parents,

 The 2015-16 version of Bridge Point Elementary School is underway.  There are many elements of this updated version.  They include the learners who make up the student body, the families of these learners, and the teachers who will work with them. In those ways this year is unique.  However, there is much that will be identifiable to anyone who has ever been a part of Bridge Point.

 First - and always first - this is a place of learning.  Teachers will learn from their students what the students need to learn. They will learn how the students learn best.  Teachers will gain that information from past performance, ongoing analyses of assessments and observations.  They will also learn from parents and multiple data points parents provide.  Bridge Point teachers will learn from their colleagues and from their own professional learning experiences.  They will use the “Professional Learning Community” –PLC - process.  It will be used by each teaching team to determine:

What the students will learn.

How we will know if they learn it.

What we will do if they do not learn it.

What we will do if they already know it.

Future letters to you will explain much more about the PLC process.  It works.

 Our teachers will apply both learned and natural teaching skills to make decisions that will meet the Bridge Point mission to “prepare students to meet today’s challenges and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities.”  Tomorrow’s opportunities?  Who knows?  There is much we did not even imagine ten years ago about the world we are in today.  Think of the dynamism of the next ten years.  We will prepare our students to respond with agility and enthusiasm.

 How?  Basic academic skills will be provided to fundamentally access portals of learning available to students at Bridge Point and beyond.  The skills include gaining meaning from words, expanding knowledge and function using numbers, scientific basics, using context, applying creativity, practicing solution-making and more.  Additionally, and equally important for students to be successful, Life Skills will be consistently highlighted and reinforced.  At Bridge Point, Life Skills are qualities such as responsibility, respect, integrity, perseverance, caring, compassion, citizenship, conserving resources and making healthy choices.  Those who master Life Skills tend to be successful.  They tend to positively participate in and contribute to all elements of life, regardless of academic performance.

 You can expect an environment that allows a cognitive brain to work and to work well.  That environment is a campus that is calm, orderly and safe.  It is a campus that possesses routines and systems that make sense.  It is a campus absent of threat.  It is a campus united in the solemn purpose of nurturing the success and learning of each student.  It is a campus that assumes “Good Intent”.

 Though we are a different Bridge Point in many ways this year, Bridge Point Elementary School is the same in what it is and what it does.  We genuinely look forward to journeying with you.


M. Bradford Wirht

Now…please scan the links below.  They are “All Things Bridge Point” and possess just the information you might need.   Check them out each week as they are frequently updated.

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