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October 17, 2014


Dear Parents,


Over three years ago Angela Crockett, parent of three current and former Bridge Pointers, approached me with an idea.  It was “Arts Day”.  With the constancy of events and activities at school and for families, this good idea (we get a million of them) had to pass muster.  Good idea.  Yes, good idea.  But does it fit?  In tight spots I always rely on the Bridge Point mission statement developed years ago and reviewed annually. Using our promise to ourselves:

        The community of Bridge Point will create a dynamic learning environment

          committed to the preparation of all students to meet today’s challenges and

                                       embrace tomorrow’s opportunities.”

I concluded this is an absolutely worthy learning experience for our students, and our teachers, Campus Leadership Team and Booster Club concurred.


I am not an artist.  I enjoy art, appreciate the many passions surrounding art but to be truthful, sometimes I don’t get it.  However, I do get talented people who see, appreciate and infuse the many arts around us.  They clearly see how the multiple ways of art make our world, enrich our lives, enhance design and create livelihoods in their application.  That would be Angela and her friends.  The vision that a deeper awareness of the arts will indeed “prepare students to meet today’s challenges and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities” is realized in our Arts Days efforts.


This year the emphasis will be “Green”….and environment/conservation teaching angle.


Wednesday will be a musical performance for the students by Sara Hickman; Grammy winning singer, songwriter and teacher.


Thursday will be a Science Day-like workshop day in which all students will receive three hands-on art experiences from artists in 60-minute sessions.  Keynoting our “convention” during Morning Assembly will be Pat Rawlings, Space Artist and NASA Space Shuttle Mission Patch designer.


Friday, a musical and movement event will occur with “Big Don” a hip-hop artist.  Look out!


All this happens with the fiscal and human support of the Booster Club, coordination with teachers during this rich but hectic Parent Conference season and the inspired leadership of Angela Crockett and her key and talented committee leaders.


During this different school week in which parent conferences occur, family schedules are disrupted by early dismissal (11:50 AM!) and Arts Days, be strategic in asking your child about the day’s learning experiences resulting from our Arts Days.  I think this unique event is but another reason for all of us to be proud that we are connected to Bridge Point.


M. Bradford Wirht


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