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Dear Parents,

Our promise to ourselves, our mission, is “The community of Bridge Point will create a dynamic learning environment committed to the preparation of all students to meet today’s challenges and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities”.  This mission is inviolate.  We believe each student must be academically able and must be agile thinkers.  That’s part of it.  But to fully meet today’s challenges and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities, academic agility and ability are not sufficient…not in the many worlds Bridge Point students will participate.

They must also be fully able in what we call “Life Skills”.  We have developed a uniquely Bridge Point array of Life Skills our students must master to be successful here and beyond.  Their success in all they do depends upon it.  Not all inclusive but singularly and intentionally emphasized, are the following Life Skills:  Responsibility, Healthy Choices, Citizenship/Patriotism, Caring and Compassion, Respect, Integrity, Conservation and Perseverance.  Each month a Life Skill is presented, defined and highlighted.  We talk about the skill daily during Morning Assembly.  We recognize students and deeds which exemplify the skill.  We roll the skill into our daily language and build an immediate and meaningful shared understanding of its qualities. 

I often tell students that Life Skills are as important as any other skill or capacity.  In fact, a mastered set of Life Skills compensates for any other skills deficit…including academics.  Think about it.  I am aware of many straight A and SAT ace’rs who are unable to apply their talent due to lack of Life Skill development.  Likewise, think of those for whom school or academic pursuit were not easy or readily available, but whose Life Skills are acutely refined.  Think of those successful people.  Some might argue development of Life Skills is more important to success.  I can make that argument. 

Richard Harris is such an example.  He was founding BP Head Custodian and my friend.  He suffered a heart attack and passed away on Christmas 2000.  Grief was universal on our campus.  We lost a man who possessed each Life Skill and could easily be held up as an example of one who successfully mastered them.  He lived a rich and meaningful life.  Our Life Skills bulletin board is a memorial to him.  Gaze with respect at his picture.

At Bridge Point we have studied and confirmed the importance of Life Skills and the importance of dedicating precious time and thinking to their development.  The pursuit of mastering these skills (and many like them) is meaningful and tangibly important.  On any given night, ask your children about the Life Skill of the month and help them broaden their understanding and practice of it.  That skill, blended with so many others, is critical to maximum success in every academic, social and individual pursuit.

At this link is a mini-poster.  Print it and attach it to your refrigerator!  Thanks for reading.


M. Bradford Wirht


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