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Dear Parents,

It is with great pride that I announce Julie Cimino, 3rd grade teacher, as the Bridge Point Teacher of the Year.  Our local Rotary Club sponsors this recognition to proudly lift up those in the Eanes school district who represent the best of what we do.  It was a difficult choice for our staff as so many teachers demonstrated the qualities of superior total performance in this most complex job.  We select our Teacher of the Year by taking nominations from the staff; this year 11 teachers were part of the “primary”.  Part of the nomination process includes a short narrative of the reasons for nomination.  They narratives are shared with the staff (authors anonymous).  The results of the first round are narrowed to the top three.  This year, Mrs. Cimino was joined by Tracie Mojica, 5th grade, and Kathy Hatch, Music.  Tremendous educators and the cause of an excruciatingly tight race and much careful reflection by our staff to select among them.

Many of you know Julie Cimino as I do.  First, she is a “second career” educator.  She was a favored substitute for a couple of years.  Following a stint as a long term sub for Art, she determined teaching was how she wanted  to apply her many personal and natural skills.  We enthusiastically encouraged her.

Julie Cimino is a fellow Eanes ISD resident.  Her daughters attended Forest Trail Elementary and now are at West Ridge Middle School.  I admired early her commitment to her family and how, like so many of you, she suspended on-site professional activity to be fully present with them.  She speaks of her girls and her husband with genuine twinkle.  I like that.

She was hired in 2010 to join the 3rd grade team.  In her four years she has applied her talents and passion for design and creativity.  She coupled them with her deep focus on each individual child.  She has been curious, a voracious learner and a quick study to blend it all to become a tremendous leader of learning for her students and her colleagues. 

Plus she is bright spirited, quick to laugh, genuine, courageous and just plain nice.  If your child has been fortunate enough to have her then you know she thoroughly and passionately connects and commits.  She knows her students well.

The following “thank you” to the Bridge Point staff models what I mean:


“I am very honored to have been selected as Teacher of the Year for Bridge Point Elementary. I look around every day and find myself surrounded by a dedicated, passionate, and professional staff and I am so grateful to be part of this incredible school and district. I feel very fortunate to have started my teaching career here at Bridge Point, and believe that so much of what I learn and practice comes from my experiences with so many of you.  Thank you again for choosing me as Teacher of the Year - it is an incredible honor.”

This is our Julie Cimino.  She will interview with a District Teacher of the Year Rotary Club committee soon.  I can’t, for the life of me, imagine that they won’t see what we all know.  Congratulations to Mrs. Cimino for this honor, to you who may have been touched by her and to the Eanes ISD for whom she is a parent and an employee contributing to the growth, learning and successes of her students.



M. Bradford Wirht


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