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November 24, 2014

Dear Parents,

Thanks…..let’s give some:

Fifth Grade Musical

We were all delighted by 140 students who performed “The Jungle Book” to Bridge Point students, staff, friends and family.  Thoroughly delighted.  Somehow music teachers Nina Revering and Kathy Hatch take a score split it 140 significant ways and create a musical performance experience for our students and the opportunity for them to observe the smiles of a privileged audience.  Remember, we are not a performance arts academy.  The teachers were able to pull this together within the course of the school day; once every three days plus a few outside rehearsals.  Add a few energetic, talented and warm spirited parents and some masterful coordination, three performances of stunning entertainment was provided to the Bridge Point community.  Let us never take for granted the challenge to produce this type of learning experience for our students.  And let us NEVER take for granted the talents and leadership of our teachers, Nina Revering and Kathy Hatch.  Let us be thankful.

Veterans Day

So many of you were with us during Morning Assembly on Veterans Day.  It was an overflow crowd.  Our Third Grade team organizes a Veterans Day Recognition Ceremony for all Bridge Point students during assembly.  The school and guests welcomed friends and family who are Veterans and demonstrated to them with song, words and video our understanding and appreciation of their service.  It is a moving event and ends with up close and personal receptions in each Third Grade class.  Mainly we want our students to know of this element of citizenship, this depth of service and sacrifice.  And we want to make sure our Veterans know we are serious about making sure our students know and understand what Veterans Day is and what it means.  Let us be thankful.


Live Oak

Last week our Fifth Grade students participated in a three-day, two-night experiential education event called Live Oak.  Eanes ISD Fifth graders have attended Live Oak for close to 30 years.  Live Oak Bridge Point style is not a turn-key event.  It is uniquely designed and executed by our Fifth Grade team, co-coordinated by Ann Root and Shanna Pace.  The teachers, our nurse and counselors, some special educators, teacher assistants, a male volunteer, a bunch of WHS Teen Teachers , their sponsors and one male administrator pull together to create learning experiences not available on our campus.  Friday afternoon, when the busses pull in, is a special kind of tired for the students and an even more special kind of tired for us big folks!  Very worth it.  I wish you could have observed and experienced the energy, good will, positive spirit and “can-do” of our Bridge Point teachers.   Along with their partners, including mini-course parents, they nailed it on behalf of our students.  Oh, let us be thankful.



We are close to ending our first semester.  Seems we just started.  School these days is a “wall-to-wall” endeavor and we move through the moments without enough reflection.  Thanksgiving season allows that.  From one grateful principal, I wish you the more than a “moment of silence”.  During that time please measure our remarkable work as we shoulder-to-shoulder prepare your children for the many kinds of success they will require to enjoy the richness of contribution, participation and understanding…all results of our work today.  As well, during your reflection, let us again be thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


M. Bradford Wirht

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