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May 27, 2015

Dear Parents,


We have come to the end of a most successful school year.  And with the end of the year comes the end of many wonderful daily connections.  Our Fifth Graders are moving on.  Many of their families are ending long associations with Bridge Point.  We are aware of over 20 students who are moving to new communities.  All of this is thoroughly normal and saying goodbye to our Fifth Graders is really our plan, but it does signal a passage.  We will miss the Bridge Point that we are right now.


The Bridge Point Staff will be different next year.  I hope you get the chance to extend gratitude to the following people who have played key roles in our work at Bridge Point:

Christine Penksa          Second Grade Teacher – (new baby on the way!)      

Julie Cimino                Third Grade Teacher – Art Teacher at Valley View

Lisa Cook                    Fourth Grade Teacher – Transfer to Cedar Creek

Erin Campbell              Fourth Grade Teacher – Transfer to Cedar Creek

Jennifer Cano              Life Skills Teacher – Transfer to West Ridge

Susan Bufkin               .5 Reading Intervention – (3 boys under 5: George, William and Hugh!)

Sandy Medina              .5 Technology Teacher - Retired

Chantel Arrighi                        Teacher Assistant – Special Ed. – Move to California

Annette Lopez             Head Custodian – Help care for her granddaughter while Annette’s daughter is in a residency program…soon to be a physician.


Diminished enrollment (2 positions), Childcare considerations (4 positions), Pursuit of a professional dream (Cimino!), relocation (1 position) and retirement (1 position) all contribute to this typical staffing “churn” of our 90+ employees.  We are going to miss them all but are hugely grateful for our time together.


And to end my last message, a personal note to you:

Thank you.  Being a Bridge Point parent is not a passive responsibility.  We count on you to partner with us and we know you depend upon us to include you.  All who are honest know the quality of our school, and this school district, is rooted in the love, care, resources and time you provide to your children, our students.  The symbiosis necessary for the result of a “whole greater than the sum of its parts” is achieved with a bit of trust and lots of mutual understanding.  Thank you for participating actively in the current and future successes of the students of Bridge Point.  If this is your first or final year, you have been an important part of what we do and who we are.  On behalf of the entire Bridge Point staff, have a safe and happy summer.


M. Bradford Wirht

PS:  Huge thanks for those of you who completed the Bridge Point Parent Survey and offered your insights and experience.  The Campus Leadership Team reviewed survey responses and, blended with other sources of information, identified improvement activities that will increase our effectiveness.  Our Campus Improvement Plan will include a renewed commitment to the development of an Outdoor Learning Program, an improved communication system that is streamlined and better coordinated, an improvement of writing instruction and improved academic progress as measured by STAAR (a state mandated goal). 

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