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Dear Parents,

This week is Family Picnic week.

Next week is EEF Week for Bridge Point.

The following week we will have Parent Conference Days and Art Days.  Lots happening!

Let’s talk EEF.  Eanes ISD established the Eanes Education Foundation over almost 25 years ago.  (In fact the first EEF director is a Bridge Point grandmother!).  Over time EEF has been a difference maker for Eanes ISD.  Adapting to help where most needed, EEF has supplemented funding during these days of diminishing funding from our state.  In fact, the state restricts use of available local tax dollars and 56% of them are routed to supplement other Texas public school districts.  School funding formulas make it so increased property valuation, which increases dollars collected, yields just a nickel per dollar to Eanes ISD while the rest goes to the state.  No way out.

Each year EEF has delivered funding for “Staff” to all Eanes schools.  This funding is provided on an equal per-student basis.  Our share with our almost 750 students amounts to 3.0 full-time professional teachers who we have used this year to provide English as a Second Language, Dyslexia and Reading/Math intervention services.  Four professional educators representing over 80 years of classroom experience make up this team.  ESL and Dyslexia services are required by law.  Reading and math intervention programs exist because the “gap” between adequate and excellence has been funded.  Without EEF support, these programs would continue only if others are diminished.  No win decisions.  We remain on the razor thin line between continuous improvement and, frankly, damage control because of the staffing allocation to Bridge Point from EEF.

So we are asking you to participate in the WE FUND TEACHERS campaign this year.  EEF aims to raise 25% more this year…hopefully reaching their $2 million goal. 

Let’s have some fun with this.  BUST THE GAP is the theme for the campaign this year.  EISD principals have agreed to play along.  Wholesome campus competitions are in place to encourage our goal of having 75% of Bridge Point students’ families donate to EEF.  Without a dollar goal in mind, we just hope at least 75% of families will contribute.  Students may be motivated to motivate you to participate because of an acute desire to witness their principal and BP parent and San Francisco 49ers/former UT kicker Phil Dawson get SLIMED during morning assembly.  (Who you gonna call?)

75% of you donate and the indignity is assured!  The kids will love it and you are welcome to enjoy the scene as well.

Who will slime Phil and me?  Four students selected by drawing from the class that has the highest percentage of donors to the We Fund Teachers fund.  Ties go to higher average per-student donation.  Grade level classes that have the highest percentage of participating families will receive a 30 minute recess.  (Kids love that 10 times more than a fast-food coupon!)

The campaign at BP kicks off next Tuesday during Morning Assembly.  We will use a cool visual to track grade level participation and we will refer to it daily.  As well, the BPE website will track participation rates.

No worries….those of you with children attending other Eanes schools will get credit for participating at the other campus.  Do you have children at BPE, Hill Country and WHS?  Your single donation gets credited at all three campuses.  A designated DONATION DAY for Bridge Point will be next Friday, October 16.  Donate anytime, but expect a bunch of activity on donation day from EEF volunteers.

For scheduling reasons, the rest of the schools will have their Donation Days the following Friday.  We will announce the BPE class winners and the sliming class the week of October 26.  That’ll be a day!

Finally, Bridge Point parents Cord and Anne Shiflet, supporters of the finest spirit of our work at Bridge Point, invite you to join them at their home next Wednesday, October 14.   I will join Superintendent Dr. Tom Leonard, Hill Country Middle School principal Kathleen Sullivan, EISD Board members and a host of hosts for refreshments, “comfort food” and information about the WE FUND TEACHERS campaign.  Please join us from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Shiflets: 65 Pascal Lane, gate code 32156.  See invitation below.

Hope to see you at the BPE Family Picnic!


M. Bradford Wirht

Now…please scan the links below.  They are “All Things Bridge Point” and possess just the information you might need.   Check them out each week as they are frequently updated.


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