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February 26, 2015

Dear Parents,

Lest you think we are inappropriately casual for our Open House festivities tomorrow (we usually overdress for Open House), we are intentionally wearing DENIM in recognition of I CARE FOR RARE.  Reminder from last week’s letter:


            Friday, February 27, 2015

In recognition of I CARE FOR RARE Day, students and staff are encouraged to wear denim.  All Bridge Pointers will wear a denim ribbon provided by the Karakourtis family.  Ask your child about the I CARE FOR RARE presentation during today’s Morning Assembly.  And if you have not already, check out this video for I CARE FOR RARE::  

Speaking of Open House, we look forward to being with you tomorrow anytime between 7:30 AM and 8:45 AM.  Your child is your guide.  Ask tons of questions, put your phone away and be overly attentive.  Your child is prepared, proud, excited and honored to have your presence and full attention.

Let’s hope another weather-induced LATE START does not occur tomorrow morning during our scheduled Open House.  Cold front with some action in it is predicted during drive time Friday morning.  Should we have a Late Start, the Bridge Point Open House will be re-scheduled.  When?  Don’t know but sooner than later.

Finally, The Bridge Point Bingo Night could not have been cooler; Incredible energy, perfect spirit and a wonderful family event.  Parents Stacy Dalton and Janita Lavani were the CEO’s.  They were incredibly organized, “can-do” and bright spirited.  I admire their leadership and appreciate their thorough work.  The results clearly reflect this.  As well, Nicki Riley (BPE Booster Club Treasurer), Chris Turner (Concessions) and of course Jennifer Skinner (Booster Club President) were a huge part of the success.  Let us never overlook custodians Annette Lopez, Francisca Aguilar and Dorise Godinez who bussed the campus every minute of the event and restored the gym and cafeteria to schoolday readiness.  They are the best.  And, of course, help me thank BP parent Brian Krpec.  Brian was born to be the Master of Ceremonies and Chief Bingo Caller for this event.  His energy, “with-it-ness” and fun spirit we a big part of the night’s success.

We all look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Open House. 


M. Bradford Wirht

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