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Dear Parents,


It was 1993 when I came to Eanes ISD to be principal of Cedar Creek.  The tax rate was more than 50 cents higher than it is today and no Robin Hood money was being diverted to the state.  Around that time the sitting Board of Trustees asked the community to approve bond authority for the construction of a new elementary school to ease crowding, shorten transportation for students and to improve the distribution of its capital assets.  Fewer than 30% of Eanes ISD school families and fewer than 15 % of Eanes residents stood to receive direct benefit from the construction of this school.  And nobody liked the prospect of higher tax rates any more that they do today.  But they approved the bond and the school was constructed.  The school opened in 1997. 

That school is Bridge Point Elementary School.

A few years later a demographic study prepared by a respected Austin demographer modeled a probability of significant growth.   Responding to the best information at hand, that Board of Trustees asked for bond authority from to citizens to construct a second high school in the western part of the district.  The voters carefully considered the question and, after a lively campaign, voted no.

The result is the current version of Westlake High School.


The citizenry of Eanes has a strong tradition of participation in its own governance.  Families and district patrons carefully analyze all elements of questions and make measured decisions prior to marking ballots.  So many who live in the Eanes ISD no longer have school-age children or may never have had Eanes ISD students.  But they have consistently participated in elections.  Regardless of whether they vote “for” or “against” a measure, by their participation in the election process, they have demonstrated that they are invested in the success of current and future students, and the quality of life in their community.


You have multiple opportunities to study the latest request by the current Board of Trustees to authorize the funding of school bonds for the capital construction of facilities and long-term assets.  You have the option of voting for or against.  Please exercise that option with authority, fully aware of the issues that brought the request forward.  I urge you to model for your children your careful attention to pros and cons of any vote you cast for anyone or any issue.  We emphasize this obligation of voting as part of our “citizenship” Life Skill.   


At the Eanes ISD home page ( is a box which provides information about the upcoming May 10 election.  Click on it.    Included is a body of information which the Board gathered over the past years which was used to make their measured and unanimous decision to come to the voters.  Much of the information was prepared by community based study groups for a recommendation to the Board.   Please read and consider carefully the rationale for the 2014 Bond as you also carefully consider other sources of information that are present in the Eanes community.


VOTING AND EARLY VOTING:  This election will include an opportunity to vote for your candidate of choice for the Eanes ISD Board of Trustees AND to vote, up or down, on the 2014 Bond.  There are multiple early voting opportunities.  They are listed on the website.  Bridge Point will be one of the locations.  On Tuesday, April 29, a one-day early voting site will be on our campus.  Take advantage of this convenience.  Use the main entrance and you will be guided to the computer lab, adjacent the library, where a polling station will be in place.  If this is not convenient, take advantage of other early voting opportunities around the district.  Or simply come to Bridge Point and vote on Saturday, May 10, which is Election Day. 


I encourage you to invite your child to join you.  Talk about what you are doing.  Give them an “I Voted” sticker.  Regardless of your vote, there is no better impression for any child than observing your model of what it means to be a citizen of a society and how exercising that act of citizenry can effect both the present and the future. 


M. Bradford Wirht


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