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January 23, 2015

Dear Parents,

There is a buzz in the air.  Science Day is next Friday, January 30.  This is a uniquely Bridge Point event, refined over the years and guaranteed to leave students with a sense that Science is pretty cool and really worth it.  It is a blend of learning, application and career day.  Our students will be in “conference” mode, complete with a “keynote” common experience and multiple breakout sessions.

Teachers, practitioners and professionals have developed over 40 learning experiences for the students from which to choose.   There are enough courses offered enough times to make it so students get many of their first choices.  This is a very high quality conference.  Students will have a name tag, a bag to collect goodies and carry their products, facilitators galore and experts to provide Science in the real world.  Students will attend four sessions (Kindergarten three), one the keynote “Main Event”.

Science Day has turned into a community and alumni event.  Many former Bridge Pointers provide sessions, showing what they have learned and applied in middle- and high school.  Parents present, facilitate and guide.  An army of volunteers make this happen and this campus cranks!

Suzie Prince (Suzie “Jacuzzi”…because she bubbles!) is the Science Day Chairperson.  HUGE job…it is up there with Bobcat Fest Chair and Booster Club President.  Her wisdom and energy have taken her to key partners including Blair Richert who is Registrar and advisor, Sutton Hamlin who manages set-up and logistics and Emily Galatzan, who is in charge of presenters and is next year’s chair.  Lisa Peppas advises, she of over 10 years of Science Day leadership and multiple years as chair.  Another 15 superstars have taken leadership roles and make this day work.

It is a great event.  Through the years leaders from schools all over Central Texas have come to observe our Science Day.  Most Eanes ISD elementary schools have adopted a form of the idea.  This learning experience, possible only with full community participation and support, is a source of pride for Bridge Point.  If you can’t be a part of the event then provide some careful listening time next Friday afternoon as your child describes the day.  You’ll be glad you did.


M. Bradford Wirht

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