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Dear Parents,

 An important part of the guidance of this big ship called “Bridge Point” is the Campus Leadership Team (CLT).  The CLT is a campus-based shared governance group consisting of six teachers elected by their colleagues, four parents, two community residents, two business representatives and a member from the EISD central administrative staff.  The CLT deliberates “direction” decisions…big picture stuff.  Examples include curriculum initiatives, campus programs, goal setting, school organization, professional leaning and both financial and human resource allocation..  The CLT solicits information and analyzes data.  Members deliberate tricky issues such as homework policy or materials selection.  The CLT reviews data from multiple sources including an annual survey conducted in the spring.

A responsibility of the CLT is to develop a “Campus Improvement Plan” (CIP).  The CIP is a document that outlines do-able improvement activities. They are initiatives that can reasonably enhance learning for our students.  The CIP goals receive priority attention each year.  Goals for this school year include:

  1. 100% the students meeting standards for all subjects assessed by STAAR.

  1. Implement  the new Science and Math TEKS and corresponding Textbooks Adoptions

  1. Implement an Outdoor Learning Center that will provide TEKS aligned instructional opportunities.

If you have an interest in serving on the CLT, please let me know.  The first Campus Leadership Team meeting will be Thursday, October 16 at 1:15 PM in the Think Tank.  All are welcome to attend and even non-members actively participate in each meeting.  Meeting dates will be on the calendar of the BP website and agendas/minutes will be posted there as well. 


M. Bradford Wirht

PS        Curious about our Gifted and Talented program?  Parent information meetings are coming up.   Please go to our GT teacher’s “weebly” (website) at for ALL THINGS GT.  Ms. Osofsky has created a rich info center there.


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