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December 19, 2014

Dear Parents,

Three Big Things:

 Ronna Martin   1953 – 2014

An important friend to Eanes ISD and a dear friend of mine from my EISD Day One in 1993, Ronna Martin passed away last Saturday.  Ronna was the mother of three Eanes children spread nicely so the family was a direct part of Eanes for over 20 years.  A volunteer like few others, she supported her children hugely and in turn made all the schools and organizations they were a part of much better.  I knew her during my years at Cedar Creek and appreciated her unconditional support of everything that made sense and her really TOUGH questions.  She was fair. She was a part of all solutions. She had great capacity and used it throughout the district.  Ronna was elected to the Eanes ISD Board in 2011 and contributed her sense of balance to all debates.  We will miss her on many levels.

Laurie Courter – 4th Grade Teacher

Laurie Courter, fourth grade teacher, has resigned her position effective today.  In many ways she could be Ronna Martin’s twin.  She has been a part of Bridge Point for over eight years, six as a mother of her BP son and the past two as a teacher.  Few have ever contributed to Bridge Point as she has.  If you know her, you know her inviting ways, deep commitment and bright spirit.  She took on the hard stuff.  Laurie has options in her life and she is exercising them and I fully support her path.  We all greatly appreciate her gifts of time, heart, spirit and effort to Bridge Point.  We have been most fortunate indeed that she has been a part of us.

Holidays Wishes

So much of the success in any endeavor is embedded in the sense of inclusion, engagement and ownership of all its stakeholders.  Few operations require those qualities more than an elementary school.  We aspire to this sense.  This aspiration is the secret to our success.  Bottom line…we all need each other to be successful in our important work.  Thank you for our warm and fruitful partnership.

However…..WE ALL NEED A BREAK!  Enjoy every minute of your time with your family and all you love during this Holiday Season.  Be safe, have fun, hug hard.


M. Bradford Wirht

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