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May 13, 2015


Dear Parents,


Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

Today we enjoyed the Volunteer Recognition Ceremony during Morning Assembly.  We were able to introduce but a fraction of the hundreds of Bridge Point Volunteers who have contributed thousands of hours on behalf of our students.  We believe the students should witness our deep appreciation for this huge element of Bridge Point’s success.  We believe all this does not “just happen”.  We believe our students need to understand that volunteerism is a rich part of a healthy society and is baked into the Bridge Point culture.  We believe our students should understand the two-way enrichment that healthy volunteerism provides.  If you are one who may not have attended but have contributed to Bridge Point this year, please know you are thoroughly valued and appreciated….and that Bridge Point is better because of your gifts of time, talent and resources.


Ms. Hatch to Africa!

Last week I described an opportunity for Ms. Kathy Hatch, BP Music Teacher, to go to Ghana in West Africa to attend a three-week African music institute.  Part of what I described was an opportunity for us to supplement a commitment by our Booster Club to financially support the cost of her flight and costs for transportation and living costs.  A link to Go Fund Me was provided.  Guess what….the Booster Club gap funding is not necessary.  59 donors exceeded the requested $4,300.  Kathy Hatch is on her way.  We can’t extend enough gratitude to everyone who has well-wished, provided material support and well-understood this initiative.  Is there ever going to be a wonderful result of Ms. Hatch’s learning next year during our Arts Days, MLK season and Black History Month!  Thank you.


Jennifer Skinner – FORMER Bridge Point Booster Club President

I’ll bet Jennifer Skinner, mom of Dutch and Boyd and wife of Willis, never thought today would come!  She officially handed over her office to Heather McElhaney and Stephanie Krpec, 2015-16 Co-presidents today.  Bridge Point and I have been blessed with a legacy of outstanding leadership of our Booster Club.  Jennifer Skinner has been capable, so positive, bright-spirited and inspiring in her leadership.  It has been a hugely successful year and Jennifer's guidance has been the reason.  Our school community has been blessed for her service, huge heart and deep talents.  Let her know your gratitude and admiration.


Spring Survey 2015

You will get an alert soon about our 2015 Parent Survey.  When you do, please click over to the HUB.  The Campus Leadership Team is gathering info to take stock of this school year and plan for next.  A survey soliciting your insights has been prepared.  Though you sign in to the HUB all information and all reports are fully confidential.  Please take a few minutes…we improve each year as a result of your collective thinking.


May Madness.- Stay Tuned

Wet, wet, wet.  Tomorrow (Thursday) a decision will be made.  It is entirely possible we may utilize our rain date.  If you hear nothing we are giving it a go for Friday, May 15 as planned.  But you may well read an alert that we are postponing to our Rain Date, Friday, May 22.  Old clothes are best!


M. Bradford Wirht

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