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Dear Parents,

I marvel at the beginning of each school year.  The confluence of so much effort by so many people to create…and then complete… the first day of school is nothing short of a miracle.  We are all pleased to be underway.

 This year is no different than any year…there are many changes.  We welcome Kiran Avasthi as our new Counselor.  I have admired her respect for the counseling program established by Karen Mattison.  I have watched her eagerly blend with our new staff, interact with students and work with parents on a variety of issues.  She is a good fit for Bridge Point and brings many skills and experiences to augment our counselor services.  Seek her out.  You will like her.

 Each of you interacts with our office staff.  In addition to Principal’s Secretary Lisa Thomas, we add Shawna Murphy, long time BP parent and teacher assistant, and Libby Edwards who works half-day.  It is a challenge to replace Linda Hopkins (now at Cedar Creek) and Kandy Toles but they are making fantastic progress.  You will like them.

 Please welcome new teachers Suzy Wright (Kindergarten), Eleanor Thompson, Jenny Shuey and Kelly Gargan (all Special Education).  It seems they have always been with us!  As well, Cassandra Barnhart and Da Delano are on board as Special Education Teacher Assistants.  You will like them all.

 And mainly, we welcome a full class of close to 100 Kindergarten students and their families…most of them new.  As well, more than 60 students have come from as far away as Hong Kong to as close as across the street to be a part of Bridge Point.  All the students and their families make a different Bridge Point student body but a richer Bridge Point community.  Welcome.  I know we will like you.

 You have expended a lot of energy during these early days.  Thank you for your presence at the Bobcat Welcome.  Special thanks to our kindergarten parents for attending our first ever “before-the-year-begins” parent orientation.  We really appreciate the rest of you for attending the Back to School Mornings these first days.  I so appreciate the presence of the new families and seasoned BP’ers at the New Family orientation/Booster Club meeting.  Jennifer Skinner, our Booster Club President, is a community jewel.  She is doing fantastic work guiding such an important organization.  We are in good hands.

 Most Thursdays I will continue my conversation with you in this space.  I hope it adds to your breadth of understanding of all things Bridge Point.  You’ll get some news, a few reminders, many announcements and, at times, simply the observations and musings of your principal.  I am grateful for the time you give to read these words…I will try to make every word worth it.

 Enjoy your well-deserved Labor Day weekend.  It will be nice for us all to exhale. 


M. Bradford Wirht


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