December 15, 2017

Bridge Point Elementary



Dear BPE Families,

We are almost there…Winter Break is only 4.5 school days away. Next week will be full of festivities and excitement. The grade level winter parties are all planned for different dates. Please be sure to check your teacher's Weebly pages to confirm the date for your child's class party.


Our Booster Club will be presenting our school with a very unique opportunity. On Thursday, December 21st, we will have a very special musical program planned for our students. The African Children's Choir will be here performing 2 shows. Please click the link to learn more about this amazing group of children. 


The first performance will be from 1:00-1:30 for grades K-2 and the second performance for grades 3-5 will start at 1:45. Parents are invited to attend and be permitted to checkout their own child from the cafeteria following the performance if they wish. Teachers will have clip boards ready in the cafeteria to expedite the checkout process. Please do not leave campus with your child without signing out through the teacher. Additionally, students will not be checked out to anyone that is not listed in Skyward as an emergency contact.


Last summer we received new carpet in all of the classrooms. I am excited to announce that over the Winter break all of our hallways, railings and doorways will receive a fresh coat of paint. 


As one last reminder, please check the lost and found by December 22nd. All items left in lost and found will be donated to charity after the holidays.


I hope you and your family have many things to be thankful for this year. I know I do! I'm certainly happy to be able to work in Eanes ISD and I am very thankful that I am able to be here at Bridge Point doing what I love. Very best holiday wishes to all of you! 

All my best,

Heather Meek





News from the Nurse 

Lice is bad this year. Really bad. And 50% of the population does NOT itch when they have it, so not itching does not mean you are in the clear! (We found that out the hard way at the Boldrick house two years ago.)

Anyhoo, please take a moment to check your kid's heads this weekend. If you want to leave it to a professional, Fairy Lice Mothers is offering BPE a discount on their head checks. ($15 instead of $25.) Just mention BPE when you call and make an appointment.


Fairy Lice Mothers

6507 Jester Village Blvd, Suite 505 (near 2222 & 360)


If your child does have lice, you are not obligated to get treated there, but your child HAS to get treated before they can come back to school. When they come back, please send them to me to double check they are all clear. Thank you so much for helping to contain this crazy bug!


Leslie Boldrick

Counselor's Corner


We are excited to announce that our No Place for Hate Application and Activity Proposal has been approved by the Anti-Defamation League.  Over the course of the school year, we will work to complete our three No Place for Hate activities and then share the outcomes with the ADL.  We are thrilled at the prospect of becoming one of the first elementary schools in Eanes to be named a No Place for Hate® school.

As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago we completed our first No Place for Hate Activity!  Last month, during SEL Lessons, we read the book Where Oliver Fits, a story of a puzzle piece trying to find where he fits in. As a reminder that BPE is No Place for Hate and "We all fit together at BPE", a mural puzzle was completed and hung outside of the gym.  Read more about the lesson on our SEL Page.


Last week we introduced our December Life Skill: Perseverance. The choice to focus on perseverance at this particular time of year was very intentional. Often as we approach the winter break, students find it challenging to stay motivated. Fun parties, performances, schedule changes, impending travel plans, and thoughts of gifts and celebrations, though exciting are also distracting and exhausting. Kids and grownups alike find it hard to maintain focus this time of year, so it's especially important that we practice perseverance.

This week our fourth grade No Place for Hate Student Council members began promoting our second No Place for Hate activity of the year: Bully Free Dress Up Week! Next week, each day will have a themed dress up day to further our goal of a friendly and inclusive campus! Fifth grade No Place for Hate Student Council will talk more in depth each day next week about how to achieve our goal of being a Bully-Free campus. See the picture below for specifics about each dress up day.



Addie Edwards and Amy Ashorn


The Shelf Life: Library Updates


Just before Thanksgiving, both third and fourth graders began their units on nonfiction in language arts. In addition to reading examples of nonfiction books on various topics, students have been writing their own informational papers and feature articles.

​Ms. Ricter and Ms. Ricketson supported this unit with a lesson on research resources in the library. Students learned about the importance of seeking out reliable sources when searching online. They were also taught how to gather information from four of our district databases and take notes in their own words using the new split screen function the iPad.

For photos of students researching and links to the four databases, check out the library blog!




Kate Ritcher


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