Make Resolutions To Bring out the Best in your Child

Many parents make New Year’s resolutions.  Here are some you can make.  They are virtually guaranteed to evoke better behavior from your child.  He’ll be more motivated at school and home.  Your relationship will also improve.  Promise yourself you will:  

Be more positive.  Break the habit of paying attention to only what your child does wrong.  Look for and praise what he says and does right – when he’s polite, when he’s not whining, when he does his homework without you asking.

Be more consistent.  Let your child know what you expect.  Then follow through on what you say.  If your child breaks a rule, don’t say, “It’s not a big problem.”  Don’t say, “I’m too tired to deal with this now.”  Enforce family rules, and your child will connect his behavior to consequences.

Have more patience.  Children can’t change their behavior overnight.  Nor can we.  Start fresh each day and keep at it.  It can take weeks to see some improvements.            

  Parents make the difference!  

Source:  Sal Severe, “Resolutions for Better Behavior”