Discourage TV, Encourage Creative Play With a ‘Fun Bag’

If the weather is bad and kids are cooped up inside, they often turn on TV because there’s nothing else to do.  Keeping a “fun bag” on hand can help kids turn on their imaginations instead of the TV set.  Get a large bag or a box.  Fill it with things your child likes to play with.  Most of the things should be things your child can do alone, but there could also be a few things for you to do together.  Your box could include:

  • Art Supplies.
  • Puppets or bean bag animals.
  • A book your child would enjoy reading.
  • A small puzzle.
  • A deck of cards.
  • Any other surprise you can think of.

Then when your child complains that there’s nothing to do, or when she’s been sitting in front of the TV for too long, you can pull out the fun bag.  A smaller version of the bag could be handy if you are going for a long car trip.  Or you can take it along where you might have to wait, like to doctor’s office.

Parents make the difference!

Source:  “Make a Fun Bag,” FamilyEducation.com