Grow a Garden With Your Child, Teach About Values

As the weather gets warmer, you can help your child plant a garden.  While you are both learning about what makes plants grow, you will also have a great chance to talk about values together.  A small seed won’t grow very well on its’ own.  The care of a gardener helps.  Too much or too little water or sunlight and the seed won’t grow into a plant.

Take your child to a nursery.  Look at the plants that are growing.  Buy a small packet or two of seeds.  When you get home, plant a small garden.  If you can’t plant an outdoor garden, buy a few small plants you can grow in pots.  As you and your child water and care for the growing plant, here are some questions you can ask:

What would happen to this flower if we just stopped taking care of it?

What happens to people when other people stop caring for them?

How do you think plants are like people?

Who are the people in your life who are like gardeners to you?

Is there anyone that you are like a gardener for?

As the garden grows, you and your child will find many other things to talk about.  You’ll help your child see that with proper love and care, people and plants can bloom and grow.

Parents make the difference!

Source:  Kenny Luck, 52 Ways to Nurture Your Child’s Natural Abilities