Make the Most of Time With Your Child

How can busy families find time for studying, playing, sports and other activities?  Here are some tips on how to make the most of your child’s after-school time.

·   Set a study schedule.  Kids need to spend some time studying every day.  Talk about what time of day works best.  Some children want to get their work done right after school.  Others need some time to play.

·   Limit television during the week.  Often  a family uses the VCR to record the kids’ favorite programs.  During the week, the TV stays off and the kids use their time for studying and other activities.  On the weekend, when the schedule is more relaxed, kids can watch their shows.

·   Don’t feel your child has to do everything.  Some kids spend every afternoon at a sports practice or a special class or lesson.  They may be stressed, and their parents may be frazzled just getting them to and from all those activities.  This year, pare down.  Choose one or two things for each child.  

·   Have a regular reading time.  Kids who get into the reading habit will do better throughout their school years.  Set aside some time each day when you can read to and with your child.

Long after your child can read by himself, he’ll still love to hear you read to him.  If you make reading time just before bed, you’ll also have a quiet time to catch up on other important news of the day.

  Parents make the difference!