Encourage Your Child to Tell You How to Solve a Problem

Let children learn early to take care of their own bodies.  Then they’ll make healthier choices for their bodies later on.  Here’s what Bonnie Brauer, a teacher’s aide in Rochester, New York, recommends:
  • When your child falls down and has a minor injury, don’t try to “fix it.”
  • Show some compassion.  Then ask, “What does your body need to do to feel better now?”
  • Almost always, a child will come up with an appropriate action:  “I need a Band-Aid.”
  • If your child says, “I don’t know,” suggest, “Just sit quietly and listen to your body.  Then tell me what you need.”
  • Your child will feel empowered.  He will realize he’s in control of his body.
  • Plus he’ll be less likely to over-react.  Instead of crying, he’ll focus on finding a solution.

Parents make the difference