Rude Kids...from "Insider's Club" of Love & Logic

From Charles Fay but I’ve taken a few “liberties” to include my style

“Do your friends, neighbors, relatives or coworkers have rude kids? I’ve always been
amazed at how many of us know others who’ve allowed their kids to become snotty. Just
in case you run into someone with a politeness-challenged youngster, here are some tips.

Remember that it is okay to be old-fashioned. “Please” and “thank you”, not allowing
youngsters to interrupt conversations between adults and general good eye contact and
respectful listening and tone of voice are important to their success in this world.

TV shows for the most part model rudeness and smart mouth interaction between adults
and children as well as between children and between adults.

Model a humble attitude. Often kids grow up around people who are far more interested
in winning than serving others. Parents who model humility, respect and politeness
toward others are far more likely to raise kids who do the same.

Place character over achievement. Many very bright children are allowed to slide in the
area of politeness because they are viewed as so incredibly gifted or special by the adults
in their lives. Wise parents remember that the world is filled with incredibly talented
people who’ve failed miserably because they are jerks.”