School Conferences Offer a Chance to Support Your Child

This month, your child’s school may invite you to a parent-teacher conference.  It’s a great way to find out more about what your child will be learning.  You can share things about your child with the teacher. You can also learn things that will help your child have a successful school year.  Before your conference, jot down the things you want to know.  Then you’ll be sure to get the answers you need.  Laural Oltmer, a parent volunteer in Endicott, NY, has developed a list of questions to ask her child’s teacher.  Use these to start thinking.

·    How can I work with you?  Teachers always need help.  If you can’t come to school, maybe you can help from home.

·    What can we do at home?  Let the teacher know you’ll support what goes on at school.

·    What will my child be expected to learn this year?  If this is the year that your child has to learn countries and their capitals, you might want to buy a big world map.

·    What is your policy on homework?  Knowing there’s always homework on Tuesday will help if your child says there isn’t anything due the next day.

·    How will you measure my child’s progress?  Once you know how much those weekly math quizzes count, you’ll probably make sure your child studies.

·    When and for what reasons should I contact the school?  Keeping the lines of communication open will help your child have a better year.

·    What’s the best way to get in touch with you?  Some teachers love e-mail.  Others will let you call them at home.  Find out what will work best.

Parents make the difference!