Show Your Child How to Give to The Community

Working with your child on a community service project can be a great gift.  You’ll get the joy of helping others.  You’ll also find that you and your child receive much more than you give, all while spending time together.

Here are some great community service projects to do with your child:

Be a secret pal.  Some children receive nothing for the holidays.  If you can, take part in a program that provides toys or gifts to these children.

Spend a few hours visiting someone you know.  Is there an elderly neighbor who will be alone during the holidays?  Is someone unable to get out to do errands during the cold weather?

Collect canned goods for a nearby food pantry.

Volunteer to help prepare and serve meals at a soup kitchen.

Gather up warm coats and take them to a homeless shelter.

Find children’s books that are still in good condition.  Donate them to a hospital or a homeless shelter.

Mark a date on your calendar for three or six months from now.  Many charities have almost too much help at this time of year.  Call the charity then to see how you can help out.

  Parents make the difference!