January 19, 2018

Bridge Point Elementary



Dear BPE Families,


STEAM day is next Friday. STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) follows our current district initiatives but I must point out that this school-wide learning experience has been specific to BPE for 20 years.  Once again, our amazing community has lived out our value in providing experiences that allow students to apply the components of STEAM to real-world situations and possibilities. BPE's unique STEAM learning event would never be possible without the enormous amount of talent, participation, preparation, and shared purpose of our Booster Club STEAM Day committee and parents. These amazing people, under the direction of committee chairs Jayme Tirres and Katy Sulester, collectively organized 36 possible learning experiences complete with a "Main Event" for all BPE students. Thank you for your commitment and time. There is so much excitement as we look ahead to next week.  We are still in need of 20 volunteers.  If you are willing to help, please head over to the Booster Club website to sign up.


I hope with the warmer temperatures you find time to play and relax as a family over the weekend. Next week is a full 5 day week!


All My Best,

Heather Meek 


Counselor's Corner


Today we hosted a parent coffee to discuss how to promote positive peer relationships and provide children with effective problem solving strategies. We reviewed the power of modeling empathy as parents as well as explicitly teaching it to our kids. We discussed importance of empowering children to problem solve on their own and shared the STEP strategy for solving problems:


  • Say the problem without blame
  • Think of safe and respectful solutions
  • Explore consequences (if…., then….)
  • Pick the best solution & make a plan


While there is far too much information to cover here in our counselor corner, we have posted the slides to our SEL website. You can view the slides here.


Addie Edwards and Amy Ashorn


The Shelf Life: Library Updates


Throughout this week in library, students have been learning about the BookSpring Read-A-Thon, which starts on Monday, January 22nd. BookSpring is a nonprofit that uses donations to purchase books and provide literacy programs for students in Austin. Each year, they sponsor a Read-A-Thon to encourage kids in schools around Austin to read and raise money to help others.

Students who choose to participate in Read-A-Thon should reach out to friends and family members and ask them to pledge a certain amount for each page or minute (e.g., ten cents per page) they read from January 22nd to February 4th. Students will then track their pages/minutes read on the Read-a-Thon packet that was sent home this week. Finally, they will tally up their pages, minutes, and money raised and submit it in an envelope to their teacher. To learn more about how this program works, please watch this short video.

If your child is interested in participating, please encourage them to begin gathering pledges and tracking their minutes/pages starting Monday, January 22nd. All participants also need to register online in order to receive prizes for the money they raise. Envelopes with students' registration numbers, the minutes/pages they read, and the money they collected need to be turned in by Friday, February 9th.

Last year we raised over $25,000, which is amazing! It only costs BookSpring $3 to buy one book, so that means they were able to help BookSpring purchase over 8,000 books for students in need. Hopefully we can raise even more this year! 



Kate Ricter


Friday - January 19, 2018
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Thursday - January 25, 2018
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Friday - January 26, 2018
All day
Tuesday - January 30, 2018
12:50 PM
Wednesday - January 31, 2018
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Our annual screening is scheduled for Wednesday, February 7th, 2:00PM at Eanes Elementary.

Our students, teachers and staff are our stars, help the Eanes Education Foundation ensure they continue to SHINE as bright as possible. Join us for the 2018 EEF Gala on Saturday, February 24th at the JW Marriott Austin.



6401 Cedar Street, Austin, Texas 78746


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