September 14, 2018



Dear BPE Families,


This week, morning drop off was very exciting as we were greeted by our very own EEF Rock Stars! The Eanes Education Foundation is currently working to collect contributions for its annual fund raiser. I've said many times, I am not in the fundraising business; I'm in the diploma business. However, I would like to take a moment to communicate how important EEF is to the education for our kids.   All funds raised by EEF provide additional staffing for our children. What makes EEF so special is that it's the only organization in our district that has the ability to contribute to funding for additional staff.  Last year, 50 additional teaching positions district wide were funded by EEF.  As a principal during time when the state is expecting us to do more with less, I feel so incredibly grateful for the 3.5 additional staff members that would not be at BPE without EEF.  If you haven't already done so please consider donating to EEF this year. There is no contribution too big or too small. Thank you.


Earlier today, during the Booster Club Meeting, I shared details regarding an exciting opportunity for parents to learn and connect with each other and me. Over the next few months I will be hosting a parent book study covering topics from the book Unselfie by Michele Borba.  While attending a principal conference last summer, l was able to hear Borba speak about something called the "Empathy Advantage."  As a mom trying to raise 2 boys, I was immediately intrigued and wanted learn more about how to cultivate empathy in my own sons. Unselfie explains how developing a healthy sense of empathy is a key factor in our kids thriving and succeeding in the future.All parents are invited to join me on this journey. A flyer with all of the dates, times and topics is located the flyer section of this newsletter. I hope to see you soon.



All my best,

Heather Meek



Counselor's Corner


To further build on our September Life Skill of Respect, all students are signing a Resolution of Respect during their Counselor-led Lessons this month.  The Resolution of Respect is the first step to BPE becoming a No Place for Hate® recognized school again this year.  The No Place for Hate® initiative through the ADL provides a framework for schools to build a positive and inclusive community where respect is the norm.  You can read more about the ADL and the No Place for Hate initiative here.

We are also in the process of creating our No Place for Hate® Student Council for this school year. This Student Council is made up of eight fourth graders and twelve fifth graders. We are currently accepting applications. Applications can be picked up from the counselors and need to be completed, including a parent signature, and turned in by no later than 3pm on Friday, September 21.

Finally, we had our New Student Social today in the library! Our New Student Social is a time for new students and their ambassadors to get to know each other better and have the opportunity to visit with other new students and ambassadors across grade levels. 


Friday - September 14, 2018
7:40 AM - 8:00 AM
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM


The Eanes ISD Board of Trustees is looking for parents & community members to serve on a formal advisory committee called Envision Eanes.

As we begin the 2018-2019 school year, students are getting to know new teachers and new classmates. As parents and educators, our wish is for our children to build strong positive relationships with adults and peers. Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps students...

The Fall Eanes ISD Community Education Enrichment Catalog is out! Take a look at the variety of options we have - sports, languages, performing arts, robotics and more.  View Fall Enrichment Catalog.

Hyline clinic

Calling all Dancers!! Kindergarten through 5th grade!!  If you want to dance on the field with the award winning Westlake Hyline then register now for their Youth Dance clinic which takes place at Westlake High school on October 8th from 9am-1pm!  Participants will then perform at the Westlake Freshman Football Game on October 11th. All dance levels are welcome! Visit the Hyline website, to register.



6401 Cedar Street, Austin, Texas 78746



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