November 16, 2018




Dear BPE Families,


Our work in education is important yet fulfilling and fun. The Bridge Point staff is grateful for each and every one of you for the numerous ways you show support for what we do each day. Thank you. To you and all who are important to you, we wish a warm and happy Thanksgiving.


I hope you enjoy a few candid shots from today's 1st grade Thanksgiving feast above.



With gratitude,

Heather Meek



The Digital Learning Task Force (a group comprised of teachers, parents, and administrators) is gathering feedback on the current state of digital learning in Eanes ISD. We invite your thoughts and experiences by Tuesday, November 27 at 5pm.


For more information on the work of the task force, please visit

Note: Parents with more than one student in Eanes schools can retake the survey. Staff will participate in a separate survey. 



Counselors' Corner


Last week we introduced November's Life Skill: Perseverance.  Each month, we are highlighting three tools to help us demonstrate our life skills.  This month's tools are Growth Mindset, Patience, and Persistence. In each class we are talking about these three tools, sharing examples of people who have persevered, particularly in the face of adversity, and asking students to reflect on their mindset during times they have struggled or felt challenged.

At home, you can reinforce the skill of perseverance, too!  Big Life Journal suggests nine activities you can do at home to help build perseverance with your children.  Two of our favorite activities from this list are conducting a "Grit Interview" and asking, "What's the hard part?"   In short, Grit Interviews, as explained by Ashley Cullins, are having your child interview grandparents, neighbors or other acquaintances who have worked hard toward a long term goal. Since many families utilize Thanksgiving break and winter break to spend time with extended family and grandparents, these breaks would be a great time to try out this activity.  Asking "What's the hard part?" involves identifying the difficult part when your child is feeling discouraged or ready to give up so they can more easily identify how to overcome it.  To read more about these activities, as well as the complete list of activities and free printables, follow this link.




Addie Edwards and Jennifer Cheatham


Friday - November 16, 2018
2:50 PM
Monday - November 19, 2018
All day
Tuesday - November 20, 2018
All day
Wednesday - November 21, 2018
All day
Thursday - November 22, 2018
All day
Friday - November 23, 2018
All day


No homework night is Friday, November 16.

Thanksgiving Break is Monday-Friday, November 19-23.

Join Eanes ISD for Family Coding Night on Wed, Nov 28 at Westlake High School. Explore computer science side-by-side with your student. Coding Classes (sign-up required) and Tech Stations on robotics, coding, 3D printing, drones, STEAMcarts & more. 

Eanes ISD is beginning discussions on items for a potential 2019 bond. We invite the community to join in on November 27 as we discuss Facilities. Visit for more information.

Shows run Thursday, December 6 - Sunday, Dec 9 at the Westlake Community Performing Arts Center. To buy tickets, visit



6401 Cedar Street, Austin, Texas 78746



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