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Bridge Point Elementary

Meet the Librarian

Katy Larson photo collage

My 1st Year at BPE!

BPE Kindergarten class of 2018-19

Katy Larson


Welcome to the Bridge Point Library!  I am the proud caretaker of this beautiful collection of children's literature.  I answer to many names: Momma, Mrs. Larson, Miss Library, and my favorite, courtesy of an adorable kindergartner, Ms. Loshi (haha)!  In 2021-22 I will be entering my 14th year in education and my fourth year as a librarian.    

*Fun fact about school librarians: to become a certified school librarian in Texas you must teach in the classroom for a minimum of 3 years and attain a master's degree from an accredited university.

As an educator I learned to roll with the punches a long time ago, so the last couple of school years did not stop me from promoting literature with my students.  I am looking forward to many more years of reading to and teaching students about other people and the world through literature.  I truly believe books have the power to open our hearts by allowing us to experience things through someone else's perspective helping us to build empathy and compassion for others. This inspires me to come to work everyday.  I love what I do!