Bridge Point Elementary

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Bridge Point Elementary
6401 Cedar St.
Austin, Texas 78746

Phone: (512) 732-9200

Fax: (512) 732-9209

Attendance: Login to SMARTtag Parent Portal to report an absence

Grades: K-5

Enrollment: 739
School Hours: 7:40 a.m.-2:50 p.m.

Boundary Map
District: Eanes Independent School District

Principal: Heather Meek*
Assistant Principal: Sheri Bryant*
Principals' Secretary: Beth Kemp

* Campus Behavior Coordinator

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Bridge Point Elementary School has served the elementary students in the northern sections of Eanes ISD since 1997. Bridge Point is the largest EISD elementary school with an enrollment of more than 700 students. Bridge Point provides a comprehensive instructional program for all students, including core instruction, Art, Music and PE, and daily fitness period. A spacious library, two computer labs and technology infrastructure also are available for students. A pervasive “Lifeskills” program is supported by a whole-school assembly that begins each day. For qualifying students, Bridge Point provides programs to support reading development, Special Education needs, advanced and enriched programs and classes for identified Gifted and Talented students. Supporting a mission statement that commits to “creating a dynamic learning environment dedicated to preparing all students to meet today’s challenges and embrace tomorrow’s opportunities,” Bridge Point secures the highest-quality educators, encourages high levels of parent involvement, and continuously pursues the best instructional methods. The result is a school that enthusiastically adjusts to the needs individual students and has maintained the highest rating (Met Standard) under the Texas accountability system.