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Bridge Point Elementary


Attendance calls are made for the safety of your child. Attendance notifications are sent by phone, email and/or text message when your student is marked absent from school. If you know your child will be absent from school because he/she is home sick or has an appointment for the day, please notify the school. Please log in to the Smart Tag Parent Portal to document the absence. Eanes ISD will not accept phone calls to document an absence. Please not email the office.

  • Any student that arrives to school after 10:00 AM will be counted absent. Unless a doctor's note is provided the same day when you return to school.
  • If a student will miss 3 or more days of school an Extended Leave of Absence Form must be completed and turned into the front office. (Link below)
  • If a student will be absent due to a Religious Holiday a Religious Holiday Form needs to be completed and turned into the front office.  (Link below)

Parents of elementary students unable to enter the absence in Smart Tag, and all secondary parents, must provide written notice, within 5 school days of the absence, to the school office. Any written or emailed notes received after the allowed 5 days will be accepted, but noted as late and the absence will not be adjusted. The absences in question will be recorded as undocumented and unexcused.