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Bridge Point Elementary

Safety and Security

As you may have noticed, we have made some improvements to our safety and security routines.

Check-in system that keeps your children safe but is also an efficient process:


  • Option 1: Keep your badge with you after you leave. When you print it for the first time, leave the backing in place. Each time you enter the building, you can slip your nametag into a plastic badge sleeve. Office staff will verify that the badge you are wearing is in fact you, then you can proceed into the building.
  • Option 2: Use Raptor each time to print a new badge. If you choose this option, you might have to wait in line or until someone from the office staff is available to help you.

We love having parents attend Morning Assembly! It is a wonderful opportunity to start our day as a community and is what makes BPE so great. We have a couple of favors we would like to ask of you:

  • Enter through the middle doors or the gym doors. If coming by way of the office , you WILL be asked to check in and obtain a badge. When Morning Assembly is over, we ask that you exit the gym/café doors. This ensures everyone who is in the hallways has checked in.
  • Parents should stand behind students in the gym. As you all know, it can be very crowded and very intimidating for students to work their way through the sea of “big people” to unite with their class.

Thank you for your cooperation!